Saturday, July 13, 2013


Hello everyone! Today is the day before the official booktubeathon begins!

I am super excited and can't wait.

This read-a-thon is just for fun and to diminish your TBR pile a little bit (which mine needs as much diminishing as possible).

Along with this are a bunch of challenges that you can do. I am hoping to complete all of them.

1) Read at least 300 pages a day:
          This might be a bit hard for me, especially since I do work long shifts this week, but it wouldn't be called a challenge if it wasn't supposed to challenge me.

2) Read a 500+ paged book:
          The book I will be reading for this is Eldest by Christopher Paolini. This book is somewhere over 700 pages. It's long, but I am trying to finish the series.

3) Re-read a book:
          I have several books that I may just re-read because it's a readathon, but I will definitely be re-reading Delirium and Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver because I can't remember anything that happened and need to refresh my memory for Requiem.

4) Finish a series or trilogy:
          Of course this one will be the Delirium trilogy by Lauren Oliver.

5) Read a Book that's been on your shelf forever:
          I will be reading a book I got from my Aunt for Christmas one year. It is called A Train in Winter by Caroline Moorehead. This is about women dealing with occupied France. One of my favorite genres to read are memoirs and historical fiction because I think it's interesting.

6) Listen to an audiobook:
          I'm not sure what audiobook I will be listening to, but I will let you know. I have never listened to an audiobook so this will be my first time, but I'm excited to do this because it will help make the four hour trip from home to college a lot more bearable. 

7) Read a classic:
           At first I was going to read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, but then decided to pick another one since I've already read that a million times and I have about 500 more classics on my shelf to read. So instead I will be reading The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane.

Let me know if you're going to be doing this read-a-thon. :D


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