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The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen

This was a really great book from Sarah Dessen, as always.

The synopsis is about a young girl named Emaline (love this name by the way) that is working at her family business the summer before she goes to college. She has a boyfriend, but then meets another guy and isn't sure that either relationship will last. A lot of things change for her in a super short time and it gets crazy and confusing for all the characters.

The location is in Dessen's new favorite story place called Colby. This is the same town that she placed Along for the Ride and I believe also What Happened to Goodbye. I love this town, of course I also love small towns that look cute and have a lot of history. To me, that's exactly what Colby is. Where everyone knows your name. (Cheers!) I think this place is perfect for summer books and you get to know more about not only the main character, but the rest of the town in these new books.

I love Emaline and I love how I can associate myself with her. Of course the characters that Dessen writes usually are like that. I love her humor, her wanting to do whatever she can to help attitude, and her other attitude. Of course I also was yelling at the book a few times when I wanted that attitude to come out in certain places. I was yelling at her to tell them off, but unfortunately that didn't happen, however, I think she is great at letting a lot of things just fall off her back, which is something that I'm trying to do myself. As hard as it is.

I also enjoy Emaline's family. Her sister Margo is a little bit overwhelming and I would probably rip her hair out before I did that to mine. And her sister Amber is annoying and cannot decide on a hair color to save her life, which is kind of annoying if I was being honest.

Emaline's mom is a character that I'm not so sure on what I think. At times I think she is the best mother, but when it comes to talking or facing her past (Emaline's father- not dad) I feel like she is weak and that bugs me.

Emaline's dad (stepdad that adopted her when she was three) is a great guy and even though you don't see him too much in the book I would really like to know him more. Being someone who mostly grew up without a very good father figure would have pictured having a dad like this one. Just read it and you should be able to understand.

Emaline's father is a jerk, end of story. He doesn't keep his promises and he isn't a very good father whatsoever.

Benji is Emaline's half brother and he is super cute. Honestly, this poor kid can't do anything he wants when he's with his parents. Imagine a ten year old never having played put put golf or even have ice cream. That's wrong right? Oh, and he's a genius. I think he's already smarter than me....

Morris is not hardworking at first, but then he grows into a hardworking person. He ends up landing about five jobs at the end of the summer and is doing something besides sitting on the couch. Also his love for Daisy is so sweet, and even though the relationship is unusual I think it's still cute.

Daisy is that best friend that every girl wishes they could have. She's smart, funny, fun to hang out with, full of advice (even for things you don't want to hear), and painstakingly honest. Seriously, Emaline even says it herself. Oh, and she NEVER gives up. When she has something in her head it is a done deal.

Ivy made me angry all the time at first, but then she grew on me. Seeing that now she's met her match with Emaline, I think she's a lot better than I thought.

And Cyde, well Clyde is Clyde. :)

Now onto Luke. I love this guy so much. When I first met Luke I fell in love with him, which I'm pretty sure is how he is supposed to be. He's hilarious and seems like a fun guy. I even said to myself "I wish he was a jerk so that I could hate him more when things go down." Of course, he's not and he really loves Emaline. Bad mistake? No. HUGE mistake, but I really wanted them to get back together, especially since Emaline wasn't all innocent herself. They were both at fault and most of it happened because of a misunderstanding.

Theo drives me nuts! At first I thought he was super cute and a really nice guy that was just misunderstood. OH MY GOSH!! I don't care how many times he was misunderstood her is annoying!! His dates with Emailine always have a name like The Best Outside Date Ever or The Best Official First Date. It was getting on my nerves when every single time Emaline would go out with him, it would have a super long and annoying name. Not to mention he is not interesting whatsoever. All he talks about is work, education, work, film making, work, oh you get the idea. Needless to say he is not someone I would like to be dating. And his one week anniversary party! Oh man. If there's nothing else that gets me riled up it's these one day and one week anniversaries. I'm entitle to my opinion and you all are to, I just think it's cheap and stupid. You're still getting to know each other, who knows if you will even get to six months! I guess I'm not exactly the gushy, romantic kind of girl. I love romance in books and such and always wish for a happy ending, but I don't think I'm a hopeless romantic, otherwise I would probably really enjoy those things. Correct me if I'm wrong.

What was my overall thought? I loved it. I don't think it was the best Dessen book that I read (Seriously, The Truth about Forever is my absolute favorite), but it was definitely enjoyable. I loved the story line and as always Dessen delivers all her normal high school/college ideas. I think it was great and this is perfect for the summer. If you have read any books that have to deal with summer romance or even romance in general between two teens then this is a book for you. Not to mention ALL her books! She is amazing and shares a special place in my heart as one of my absolute favorite authors. Go read it now and all her other books!

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Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

I received this book from a Goodreads giveaway and was so excited to have won.

This book was amazing. At first I thought it would be frightening and give me nightmares, but it was so much more than that. The characters are all amazing with their own personalities. All the characters are extremely different, but also incredibly similar to each other.

I loved how Ransom Riggs put in all the photographs and was waiting for more photos to pop up in the story. As creepy as some of the photographs are it was an interesting and fun story that I didn't think anyone could even think up.

I absolutely loved this book. The storyline is amazing. I also thought that the evil characters were put together so well.

I just can't get over how well this storyline is and how amazing the characters were created. I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars.

This is an amazing book. Read it! I cannot wait for the second one of this series.

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 Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

After getting expelled from yet another school for yet another clash with mythological monsters only he can see, twelve-year-old Percy Jackson is taken to Camp Half-Blood, where he finally learns the truth about his unique abilities: He is a demigod, half human, half immortal. Even more stunning: His father is the Greek god Poseidon, ruler of the sea, making Percy one of the most powerful demigods alive. There's little time to process this news. All too soon, a cryptic prophecy from the Oracle sends Percy on his first quest, a mission to the Underworld to prevent a war among the gods of Olympus.

This first installment of Rick Riordan's best-selling series is a non-stop thrill-ride and a classic of mythic proportions. (

Oh my goodness! This book was super amazing! Of course hearing about it and reading it are two different things.

One HUGE thing: If you are a reader of the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling and loved it, then read this series!

The first thing I noticed about this book is that it has a lot of similarities with the Harry Potter Series. The Camp Half-Blood  is like Hogwarts, The demigods have powers like the witched and wizards, and they are all children during a time of war that needs to be fought.

Although it has a lot of similarities, there are differences too. One being of course that this book has to do with gods and goddesses and not magic or Lord Voldemort. And even though there is evil, it's not really just one person that started it all. It was already there.

The gods and goddesses can do whatever they want, but now that a war is on its way it's up to Percy Jackson and his friends to save the day.

I really enjoyed reading this book and it was a super fast read. I read this in about two days and was on to the next one in the series. From my experiences in life I could really relate with Percy and could understand his character better.

This book was 5 out of 5 stars for me and I suggest you go pick it up NOW and read it!

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 Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire

This is the second book in the Wicked Years Series by Gregory Maguire and tells the story of a boy named Liir who may or may not be the son of Elphaba (The Wicked Witch of the West).

In this story Liir is off trying to find a friend named Nor who was taken. He goes on this incredible journey learning about people, Animals and animals, and himself. Liir tries to figure out not only what he needs to do, but what he wants to do with his life. And a girl named Candle might be able to help him along the way.
At the beginning Liir is found almost to the point of death. He is taken to a Monastery to help him heal. Throughout the book the reader learns about his journeys and how he got to the point of unconsciousness.

This book was really fast paced and I enjoyed it a lot. Liir was a great character in Wicked and I wanted to continue the story he started. I really enjoyed learning more about this character and more about others that were only mentioned in Wicked.

The adventure is great too. I think it was a lot of fun and in a different view than Elphaba's. This new Oz is not in the greatest shape and it's interesting seeing how Liir deals with that.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I really enjoyed it, but it wasn't necessarily the most exciting book I've read. However, if you really enjoyed Wicked you should read this as well.

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Wicked by Gregory Maguire

This is a retelling of the Wizard of Oz's Wicked Witch of the West. This starts with the beginning of her life and goes on until the end. In this book it explains her thoughts and feelings and whether or not she was really Wicked. Of course, you will find that Elphaba (Wicked Witch of the West) is not that Wicked or even at all.

I haven't seen the musical Wicked, but I do know that that show is based on this book. I wanted to see the musical before, but now it has to happen.

I love the way Maguire made the characters and how they changed throughout the story. I also really enjoyed how you saw Elphaba and became to feel for her and her troubles. I mean would you be the happiest if you were born green?

Though it took me time to get into the storyline. Once I got into it, I really enjoyed it. This was a great adaptation and a neat way of looking at the Wicked With of the West and all the other people involved. Her motives aren't really what they seem. And her life is not the greatest to live.

I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars because it did take me a while to get into it, but once I did I really enjoyed the plot and characters.

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Minion A
Review of: The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Art of Racing in the Rain was a great, easy read. The story flowed very well from chapter to chapter causing me to regret putting it down. The book is written from the view of Enzo, a dog. Like many other dog stories it does contain sad moments that could make sensitive readers cry, but it is worth crying. The Art of Racing in the Rain is a wonderful summer read because it does not use large words, that sometimes require a dictionary, and it does not require the reader to think. The story is very straight forward, and gives an appropriate ending that lacks plot holes or undeveloped ideas.

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Ophelia by Lisa Klein

This is a retelling of the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare. In this retelling we see through Ophelia's eyes and what would happen if she lived, but was hiding for the safety of herself and a possible family.

Of all the retellings of Hamlet this is one of the best. Klein was able to get into the story and under the pages to tell Ophelia's side which was incredibly believable.

We see how Hamlet goes mad and the destruction that is put on Denmark. She sees everything while also falling in love with Hamlet. She grows depressed and a bit mad herself, but she is able to get out of it.

Running away to a convent she seeks refuge from all the danger for her and her unborn child. Her secrets are not told to the nuns until the very end of the book and still she holds onto them, but with the help of a kind Horatio she may be able to find love again as well as a father for her first son.

This was a heart wrenching and well written book. I enjoyed every minute of it and couldn't put the book down. Lisa Klein did an excellent job and I plan on reading more of her books in the near future.

My rating? 5 out of 5. Go read it now!

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Ascend by Amanda Hocking

This is the last book within the Trylle Trilogy and what an ending it is! Wendy now is crowned Queen and is trying to do what she needs to to save everyone from the Vittra. Giving herself up seems to be the best decision she can come up with, but everyone tries to stop her including Loki.

I loved this book and finished it without stopping in about four hours!! It was amazing! This is definitely the best book out of all of them.

These are the things I loved:

Elora- I loved her so much and I got to see how much she really loves Wendy. She is a loving mother, but didn't want Wendy to love her so that Wendy could be a strong ruler. That is a lot to sacrifice. Knowing that your child hates you when you love her. That has to be one of the hardest things a mother could do besides giving her up. I loved their relationship in this book.

Loki- So You know how I said I hated him? Well that all changes in this book. You can see that he really loves Wendy and that she loves him back. He is sweet and caring and would do anything for her. I loved him in this book and enjoyed every moment with him.

The relationship between Loki and Wendy- Loved it! It kept me on my toes the whole time and I just wanted more. Their love for each other is so strong even more so than Wendy and Finn's relationship. Something great happens too. Won't tell just read.

To tell you the truth I don't think there was really anything I didn't like about this book. I was entertained throughout the whole thing and couldn't put it down.

It is worth reading the other two just to get to this book. I give it five out of five stars. Definitely the best book in the trilogy.

Read it!!

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Torn by Amanda Hocking

Wendy is now in the palace of where she would have grown up if the Trylle kept there kids. Her mother is growing weak more and more and her queenship is fast approaching. Now that Wendy has had a taste of her mother's kingdom and her father's kingdom she must choose where she wants to be. Let alone her relationship with Finn is getting infuriating, but harder to control.

This book did not live up to my expectations. I loved Switched and all though I really enjoyed this it was not as good as I thought it would be.

Here are the things that I absolutely loved though:

Tove- Oh my goodness! He is amazing! He's sweet and funny and strong. He's everything I would want in a guy. He's just so adorable! And his eyes! I am such a sucker for green eyes. Too bad about, well, you'll have to read this book to find out.

The library scene- I don't want to give too much away so all I'm going to say is HOLY COW!!!

Elora- Remember how I said I hated her in the first book? Well that all changes. You learn more about her and her emotions in this book and I really enjoyed that. There were even points where I even would have loved to have her in my family. She's a great character and I want her to continue for a while.

Things I didn't like about this book:

Loki- I don't know what it is, but I don't feel bad for him and I don't like him. I think he's funny and sometimes adorable (caramel eyes are pretty too), but I just couldn't like him.

Not enough romance- As you may know I swoon at romance. I missed that in this book. Even though we didn't get a lot in the first installment I still wanted more. I was just hoping for a build up on Wendy and Finn's relationship, but that was not to be.

Infuriating Finn!- Man he made me mad! He's so into duty that it's bothersome. I know he was doing these things because of his love for Wendy, but man stop having so much self control! Have more library scenes!

So on a reevaluation of this book I am 50/50. I loved it, but I also didn't (I don't get it either). I guess I just wished there was more and maybe no Loki (though he is a bit important to the story).

I give this book 4 stars.

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Switched by Amanda Hocking

Wendy Everly has always know that there was something different about her. Her mother tried to kill her on her sixth birthday! Why wouldn't she think that? She grows up with her aunt and brother while her dad is dead and her mother is in an insane asylum. Of course she gets a visit from a boy that won't stop staring at her and won't leave her alone. She learns that she is not what she thinks she is let alone human! She has to decide where she will go and what she will do.

My mom read this book before me and I raised this book higher on my TBR pile because she is in love with this trilogy. This book was amazing!

I love the outline and the plot. The characters are great too and oh my goodness the romance! There was so much going on and so much excitement that I just couldn't put it down.

My favorite character for this book is Matt. He's sweet and caring and would do anything for his sister. I kept wishing he was my brother.

But Elora.... I wish I was in this book so that I could slap her! She's so horrible! You would think after such a long separation from your one and only child that you would smother them with love, but apparently not! She's so frustrating, but then again so is Finn.

I felt for the character and has the emotions along with her. When Wendy was angry I was angry and when she was homesick so was I. I really got to know her and can associate myself with her well.

I would definitely recommend this book. It was such a fun and exciting adventure. I give this book 4.5 stars.

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So Shelly by Ty Roth

This is a stand alone book about the authors Mary Shelley, John Keats, and Lord Byron. Only it's modern and with twist along the way. When Shelly dies Keats and Byron are trying to respect her wishes and they learn a lot of things along the way. They especially learn what Shelly wanted the most at the very end.

I was not expecting this story line at all. I thought it would be more of a modern Jane Austen novel or something like that, but man was I wrong!

The whole time that I read this book I had no idea what the author was thinking. I was not sure and am still not sure on how I stand on this book. I liked it, but not all of it if that makes sense.

I think what really made me like it is the fact that there was a biography on John Keats, Lord Byron, and Mary Shelley at the end of the book. I feel like that should have been in the beginning so that I understood more about where the author was coming from.

I am still conflicted on this book. There were some great things that reminded me of authors like Sarah Dessen, Kevin Brooks, and John Green. At other times though I didn't think that it should even be associated with those authors.

Would I recommend this book? Probably not unless of course you were looking for a book like this, but otherwise...

I give this book 2.5 stars because it was not as good as I thought it would be, but there was still a lot of good things happening in this book.

However, this is only my opinion. If you feel that you would love this book then by all means go and read it, but take it out of the library first before you buy it.

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Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

The second installment in the Delirium Trilogy. Things get crazy! Lena is fighting to keep her relationship going, but what happens when an unexpected twist occurs. Love triangle? You got it! Action and adventure? Absolutely. A horrible twist at the end where you have no idea what will happen in the third book. Such a cliff hanger!

Sorry for the delay everyone. I finished this a while ago, but I was too lazy to put my review up that day so it took me a few days. But anyway onto the review!

I was right! This trilogy got so much better. I was so happy that it got more exciting and things were finally happening. And oh Julian! He's amazing, but I will have to read the third book to know where my true allegiance lies.

Lena really grows into something more. She's braver and stronger. She tries with all her might to not think of Julian in that romantic way, but alas she does not succeed. Although I loved the romance between those two I was really upset. Someday I want to read a dystopian romance where there isn't a love triangle! I think I'm getting a little annoyed with them (maybe that's why Divergent was my favorite...)

And what a cliffhanger! Lena and Julian share a romantic moment and then all of a sudden bam! I won't tell you of course that would be spoiling it for all of you, but oh my gosh! It is safe to say that I am now hooked and cannot wait for the next one, which sadly I have to wait a whole year for...

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars mostly because I'm done with love triangles for a while. I just feel like they are overdone and I'm sick of reading every book that has them in it. Just once I want them to stay true to each other and not fall in love with someone else!!

Would I recommend this book? If you loved Matched and Crossed by Ally Condie yes! It's so much like that trilogy and it's a better book than the first one.

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Delirium by Lauren Oliver

This is the first book in the Delirium trilogy. It's about a dystopian where when everyone turns sixteen they have to go through surgery that "cures" you of the "infection" love. When Lena falls in love with a boy what will she choose to do?

This book was a great dystopian novel and I enjoyed it. However I thought it was lacking in a few things. I guess it's because I just got done with Divergent by Veronica Roth and that was amazing! It's sad when you compare the two books and find that one isn't as good (in your opinion) than the other.

Although it was lacking I also felt it was a lot like Matched by Ally Condie. And like in that trilogy it gets more intense I'm thinking that Pandemonium will too. I will continue to read this trilogy because I did like it (just not as much as Divergent).

But, man did it explain the society! Oliver has an amazing skill that makes you feel like you're right there with the characters. And the society from all the dystopians I have read so far is most likely the worst. Raids, beating, tons of rules that are totally out there. I mean they changed the Bible! How much worse can you get? While I was reading it I thought about the Holocaust and the Civil Rights era. It's just like that....

If you've never read a dystopian novel before this is the book I would recommend for you. It has a little bit of everything, but is not too hardcore. And if you liked this book I would recommend the Matched trilogy by Ally Condie (and vice versa).

I give this book 4.5 stars out of 5. I thought it was lacking, but the characters and Society was so well developed (hence the .5). I was a little disappointed, but it still catches my attention and I will read on.

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Divergent by Veronica Roth

About a dystopian world where there are factions where everyone is born from one. When they reach a certain age they have to choose whether or not they will stay in the same faction they grew up in or to a different one completely. Tris makes this decision and learns how to be apart of Dauntless while the world around her is crumbling she and Four/Tobias are trying to stop it all from happening. It's a super adventure and I loved every minute of it.

I finished this book in three days! I loved it and I couldn't put it down. It got so bad that I began to slack in my studies. But now that I am done with it I can get back to work...Sigh....

 I love this storyline and I love these characters. Roth makes her characters believable as well as people that we can relate to. They all go through trials and tribulations and try to figure out who they are and who they want to be in life (hence the whole faction thing).

As you all know I love romance. So what is there? Romance of course! And did I love it? No duh!! The coupling of Tris and Four (Tobias) makes me so happy. These characters definitely fit well together and I can see their relationship all the way.

As hard as it is for me to say (because I loved "The Hunger Games") I thought this book was better than that trilogy. (You may now throw anything you wish at me. Trust me I kind of want to do that to myself....) So does that answer your question? Would I recommend this book to anyone? Absolutely!! To anyone and everyone!

This book is amazing. I give it all five stars! Now GO and READ IT!

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Forget-Her-Nots by Amy Brecount White

A girl named Laurel is trying to figure out what is happening to her and everyone else at school. She falls for a guy, but everyone else seems to be under the same spell. Flowers have powers? Apparently so and she has to learn how to control that power. And family and school drama is there as well!

At first this book was really slow. I was waiting for things to happen and I wasn't getting anything. I was hoping that I didn't buy a book I didn't like. However things started to get more interesting.

One of my addictions is that I love teen romance. This book has a lot of that in it. It's not as focused on the magic aspect as much as I thought it would be. It's more about Laurel and how she deals with peer pressure and liking a guy that she doesn't know if it's real or not.

Once I got past the dry parts and I started getting to the prom scene it definitely picked up. And of course the whole time I'm wondering when Laurel and Justin are going to kiss. I mean there is definitely a lot of sexual tension there.

I give this book 4 out of five stars because I didn't like how slow it went in the beginning, but it is a book that I will keep on my shelf because I did enjoy it and will most likely read it again.

Would I recommend this? Yes and no. If you like teen romance this is a book for you. If you want more paranormalcy in there I would say no. There is some, but not enough in my opinion.

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Crossed by Ally Condie

This is the second installment to the Matched Trilogy. Here Ky and Cassia go on a crazy adventure meeting more people along the way. Not only are they trying to run away, but they are trying to keep their relationship intact as it gets harder to do so. Ky and Cassia come to a lot of trials and have to learn how to overcome them. And will Ky go with Cassia to her destination? You'll have to read in order to find out.

Crossed was filled with a lot of adventure and begins to differentiate itself from "The Hunger Games". This reminded me of a lot of books I have read about children soldiers because basically they are at one point or another. I really enjoyed reading how Ky and Cassia went without each other and how they reunited.

Cassia does whatever it takes to find Ky after he is whisked away from the city. Naming herself an Abberation so that nobody knows where she came from. She tries to blend in so she is less noticeable. She goes to find more about Ky's whereabouts and go on the journey to find him.

Both of them make friends along the way and reevaluate what they believe and what they want. And the reader learns more about their true characters. What they value and care about will become more important.

This book was filled with adventure, secrets, and romance. I really enjoyed this and liked finding out the answers along with Cassia. I give this book five stars and would recommend this book to anyone.

Can't wait for "Reached" to come out. November 2012 is the expected date so keep a look out for it!

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Matched by Ally Condie

A Dystopian novel about a Society that controls everything. They choose what you eat, what you wear, what activities you do, what your job is, and even who you marry. When Cassia finds out that she is matched with he long time friend Xander she sees someone else's face on the screen too. She must make a decision to go against the society and choose Ky or go along with the match with Xander.

I loved this book so much. There are so many similarities with "The Hunger Games" too. So if you liked those books then you should read this one. It's very futuristic to the point that it's very odd because we can't fathom most of it (or at least I can't). However, it is well written and you just keep turing the pages. I enjoy how she writes and would read this even if it wasn't all that interesting. She has a special gift with her writing and I enjoy it immensely.

I love Ky. To me he is a lot like Peeta (and Xander is a lot like Gale). Similar situations I guess. I love how Ky is so strong and lonely, but has so much love in his heart for Cassia. He knows how to survive, but a lot like playing the games in the arena, he will do whatever it takes to keep her alive.

Xander reminds me so much like Gale in that he is not only Cassia's best friend, but loves her just as Gale loves Katniss. However, I feel that Xander is a bit more selfish than Gale is. I think it's needed though to make the love triangle even more conflicting.

Cassia is however, not too much like Katniss. I mean she's strong, but she hasn't survived like Katniss has and she does show emotion unlike Katniss. Katniss tries to keep it all in and she succeeds whereas Cassia tries to be brave, but also isn't afraid to show emotion when it's needed. So far I enjoy her character and relate to her quite a bit.

I give this book five stars and if you haven't read it, then you need to! Also look at the covers because the colors and the girl have a lot to say about each book. I won't tell you though. You'll just have to figure that all out on your own. So go read it.

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Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry

A girl named Kira is born with a twisted leg and in this village they do not accept defects. If someone has a defect even if they are a child they are taken to the field and given to the beasts. But are there really beasts? This was the question that Kira asked when she met with a wise four-syllable women named Annabella. Annabella was teaching Kira to dye thread so that she could fix the famous singer's robe. She had been given this job once her mother died, but soon things become to strange and she must figure out why they kept her alive.

A lot of questions are asked within this story and I wanted them to all be answered. Most of them were, but not all of them.

I loved Kira and how strong she seemed to be even at the beginning. Her mother saved her because she knew that Kira was here for a reason. Her hands were strong, though her leg was weak. She sewed beautiful things and then after her mother's death she is given the role of threader for the singer's robe.

The thing I wished happened was that Kira and her friends were able to make things on their own and not be made to say or do something that the rulers of the village wanted. But at the gathering Kira finds out a shocking detail and I wanted to know what she was going to do about it. That never came.

I was very disappointed with the ending. I was looking for more and wanted the problems to be solved, but that never happened. Everything seems to be building up to the climax and then it just stops. I thought she was going to fight, but I don't even know what she did or what she was thinking about doing because it never said.

So if you like Lois Lowry and you can deal with the sudden ending then you should read it. I really did enjoy the book, just the ending was not enough. I give this book three stars. I really wanted more to happen.

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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Wow! That was my first impression of this book. I have never read anything like this before and I was in love.

This book starts off with the reaping (a selection of one girl and one boy from each district to fight to the death). The games are a reminder that the Capitol (government) is still in charge and that they are strong and the citizens are weak. In District twelve Katniss Everdeen's sister is put into the ballot for the first year, but what happens? Primrose Everdeen (Katniss's sister) is picked, but Katniss intercedes and takes her place. The boy tribute picked is Peeta Mellark and was the boy that gave Katniss hope when she had none. Of course all she can think about is "no not him." These two are sent off to the Capitol to get ready for the games. Everyone knew that only one of the 24 tributes selected would come back alive, but no one knew what would ensue with Peeta and Katniss and how they became important to all the citizens out there.

I loved every minute of this book. A friend recommended it to me years ago and I bought it on a whim. Once I started I couldn't put it down! There's so much adventure and wow moments that you just have to continue with the story and can't possibly do anything else. Peeta and Katniss go through so many hard times within this book. At first they are separated because of the games, but then a rule change helps them to seek out each other. They end up keeping each other alive until the end and a love story blooms.

Peeta is the sweetest boy any girl would be lucky to have and he always makes me smile. He has such enthusiastic and sarcastic remarks that it's hard not to like him. He loves Katniss, but of course she thinks he's just playing along for the games, because that's what she's doing right? She is a strong person and becomes an important figure throughout the rest of the trilogy.

I give this book five stars and highly recommend this book. If you have not read this book, you need to! You will not regret it I promise. Oh and "let the games be ever in your favor!"

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Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

The second book of The Hunger Games Trilogy leaves Katniss and Peeta at another games called the Quarter Quell. They are thrown back into the arena and the Capitol looks to destroy them. As they fight for their death a second time they make unlikely friends and fall even more in love. While Peeta is trying to keep Katniss alive, Katniss is trying to do the opposite and why is everyone else helping her? Well, you will have to read in order to find out.

This book was incredibly exciting. As Peeta and Katniss go on their Victory tour they grow closer together and also closer to danger. President Snow is out to get them and doesn't intend to stop, but knowing these two they're not going to go down without a fight. So when they are whisked back into the arena they try to put an end to this and try to win against the Capitol.

Of course none of it would be complete without a little side love story with Katniss and Peeta (at least in my eyes). I loved reading about them and how much they grew more in love and how much more Katniss came to see what her feelings really were. I remember several times when I was reading a passage and she asked herself "why do I feel this way?" I would be screaming back at her (as if she could hear me) saying "because you love him!!" (Two exclamation marks are needed for that statement.)

My favorite character in this book was Finn Odair though. He is super handsome and seems full of himself in the beginning. Lots of girls swoon and sigh as he passes them. Trust me I did not like him at first, but once we got to the arena I saw who he really was and where his heart truly lied. It no longer mattered if he had gurus, he was a great guy.

What is my rating? Another five stars! Collins has been climbing up my favorite author list quickly now.

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Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

This is the last installment of The Hunger Games and the end of the story that everyone has enjoyed.

Katniss is now out of the arena, but not out of danger. She is in a new place that was thought to have not survived and soon finds out what happened and where Peeta is. Of course finding that information out would make me angry too. What they must do now is to save Panem and take down the Capitol, while also keeping in mind the other tributes that have been captured. This is the end of it all and we embark on a new explosive journey with Katniss. Things will never be the same again, but who ever said they wanted it to be?

My absolute favorite parts of this whole book is when Katniss adored her pearl. Every time she did it was only for a few seconds, but it was enough for me. It showed how hard she really did fall for Peeta and how much she was willing to fight to get him back. As the new symbol, Katniss works to take down the Capitol, but finds that she is controlled by the other side now. Making negotiations isn't enough, she needs to be free from them all.

With Peeta highjacked, Johanna and Annie suffering from the emotional scares, and Finn and Gale doing whatever it takes, Katniss is working out what is real and who to trust. She is amazing in this book and if it were even possible she grows up even more.

At the end of the book Peeta and Katniss are together again. I loved this part, but was hoping for a little more "meat" so to speak. It jumped from Peeta and Katniss being damaged to them being perfectly fine. I wanted them to speak to one another and to tell each other how they fell in love, why they fought so hard, and what would happen next with their two lives. Even though I wished there was more I also enjoyed Peeta asking "you love me. Real or not real?" and Katniss finally admitting "real."

My rating? Four stars. I really did want more at the end with the love story and felt that it was lacking. However, I would still recommend reading this book. It was still amazing in other categories.

So the end has come, but the journey was worth it in so many ways. We can only hope that Suzanne Collins will write another book as good as these were (and I'm hoping in the near future).  But anyway I leave you with this last quote "fire is catching! And if we burn, you burn with us!" Good day and "happy hunger games!"

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